ACDS’ Vision

ACDS prides itself in providing a safe, accredited, and personalized learning experience for all students.

Atlanta Country Day School (ACDS) has been serving metro-Atlanta for over 40 years. We have a vision that all students can find academic success. Students come first in all that we do. This is why we maintain a learning environment that is:


We maintain a strict, no-bullying policy. Our Principal is specialized in . .


We are nationally accredited by Cognia. 


We develop a personalized program for each student by developing a personalized learning plan which is created with the student, taking into account his/her learning style, interests and academic data.

Atlanta Country Day School’s Purpose Statement

Atlanta Country Day School will prepare its graduates to be:

Responsible, Self-Directed Adults who:

  • Make realistic choices/informed decisions based on factual knowledge, an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Are committed to life-long learning.
  • Exhibit study habits and work habits, including regular, punctual attendance and effective time management
  • Are able to investigate the relationships between their education and their personal goals.

Ethical/Effective Citizens who:

  • Respect cultural, physical, economic, intellectual, age, gender, and religious diversity
  • Adopt and value ethical principles and attitudes (i.e. honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion)
  • Recognize and value their responsibility to society and make positive contributions to their community (i.e. care for the environment, volunteer)
  • Recognize the consequences of the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Complex/Critical Thinkers who:

  • Have mastered fundamentals of language, history, math, science, and foreign language
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect, analyze, and organize resources and information
  • Effectively analyze data from multiple sources to develop solutions to problems
  • Use logical decision-making processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply decisions or solutions to future situations by making predictions, connections, and/or recommendations.