Frequently Asked Questions

How does Admissions to ACDS work?
Atlanta Country Day School accepts applications for our Day School and Distance Learning Programs year round. Summer School applications open in January of each year.

Call 770-998-0311 to enroll.

What is the tuition at ACDS?
Atlanta Country Day School is a private educational institution. Pricing for our programs can be found via the link below.

What is the student dress code at ACDS?
Atlanta Country Day School does not maintain a required dress code. Students are allowed to wear their personal clothing as long as it is not offensive or disruptive in any manner.
I have questions regarding the Drivers Education course or final DDS transcript.
All questions regarding the DDS Drivers Education course should be forwarded to I DRIVE SAFELY LLC Customer service at: 888-651-2886

Atlanta Country Day School is a 3rd party that only issues completed transcripts. Information regarding transcript credits, course completion, or enrollment should be sent direct to DDS.