ACDS Students Sift Through Archaeological Evidence

In Archaeology class, Mr. Grant teaches ACDS students about excavation, preservation, and antiquity of humanity in the New World.

Atlanta Country Day School’s Science & History Teacher Grant Mooney demonstrated how archaeologists dig up and preserve the past during this fall semester’s Archaeology class.

Since fields like geology and archaeology tend to destroy data as it is gathered, careful excavation practices are required to preserve history. Once artifacts are excavated, they cannot be dug again.

In his archaeology class, Mr. Grant explained the history of archaeological dig practices and the importance of context when discovering and cataloging artifacts. For example, the location of the object must be explicitly measured to allow future archaeologists to reconstruct where not only they were found, but what can be learned from them. That is why archaeologists often dig square pits so that they can document their location correctly by length, width, and most importantly, depth.

After learning about different excavation techniques, the students then had a chance to engage in an archaeological study of their own by screen-sifting gemstones. Look at what they found below!